The American press's entire energy is bent toward destroying Trump

The mainstream American media have abandoned journalism's formerly prized ethos of "who, what, where, why, when."  There is no pretense anymore that they serve a purpose other than maligning Donald Trump in the hope of destroying his presidency.  The latest example comes from The New York Times, a once respected institution that now would offend the birds whose cages it might line. President Trump has recommended new, very stringent social distancing guidelines as part of slowing the coronavirus's spread in the United States.  Speaking of slowing the virus, keep in mind that, thanks in part to President Trump's decision to close America's borders to China in January, the spread here has already been slow.  Currently, despite the virus having been present but unidentified in America for some time, only 0.00002 percent of the population has died [i.e., 68 people].) The New York...(Read Full Post)
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