Stop slow-walking synthetic vaccines! Our bureaucracy is killing us!

The world is entering an economic recession and health crisis partly due to the continuing lack of imagination and capability among experts in the bureaucracy. Perhaps these supposed experts are suffering from a disease first named by C. Northcote Parkinson several decades ago: injelitance or the rise to power of incompetents who are skilled only in the arts of preventing problems from being solved by the capable. The now legendary failure of the CDC to manage the task of developing an effective test for the virus is being compounded by the efforts of state and federal government bureaucrats to block Americans who developed their own tests, including the heroes at the Seattle Flu Study.  U.S. public health officials have advised Americans not to wear face masks  that work and can be made at home, and even though some countries are requiring masks to slow virus transmission.  Many millions of Americans now on lock down are paying with their liberty for the...(Read Full Post)
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