Miami’s Cuban population has an impromptu pro-Trump rally

When it comes to Fidel Castro, Bernie just can’t quit him. The problem for Bernie is that Florida, with its 248 delegates for the Democrat primary and its 29 Electoral College votes, may be finding it increasingly easy to quit Bernie. Bernie has a man-crush on Fidel Castro. Given the opportunity, he keeps lavishing love on a dictator who drove thousands of his country people to exile, slaughtered thousands more, imprisoned tens of thousands of his people, and drove his country into decades of poverty. In 2016, Bernie defended Castro when Hillary attacked him for a 1985 video in which he talks about how wonderful it was that Castro gave kids literacy and healthcare. Bernie had a comeback ready: "Cuba is, of course, an authoritarian, undemocratic country and I hope very much, as soon as possible, it becomes a democratic country," Sanders said. "But on the other hand it would be wrong not to state that in Cuba they have made some good advances in...(Read Full Post)
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