Let's review the good ole days of Obama/Biden

Joe Scarborough and most journalists are attempting to rewrite the history of the Obama/Biden years to intentionally mislead the public, especially the young.  He calls the Obama/Biden years the good ole days. Maybe we should review the history of those miserable eight years so the public can learn the truth.  Of course, the truth hasn't mattered to the media and other Democrats for a long time, only power. Do we want the slowest economic recovery in seventy years? Do we want a president who continually lied to get his prize legislation,  Obamacare, passed? Do we want stagnant wages and more people dependent on government? Do we want a president who, along with his secretary of state, left Americans to die while concocting a lie about a video because he cared more about an election coming up than the truth — or the Americans under attack? Do we want a president who used the IRS to target political opponents instead of...(Read Full Post)
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