Massachusetts Dems did the nation a favor

Elizabeth Warren was shamed into finally fulfilling her pledge to represent the voters of Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate rather than engage in a hopeless wanderlust for the presidency.

Nearly four out of five Massachusetts Democrat party presidential primary voters rejected her.  Over 1.3 million votes were cast among Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, also-rans, and Warren.  Warren gleaned just 291,000.

Warren even lost 4:5 to Bernie Sanders, the socialist/communist.  Thus, the Massachusetts progressives didn't disavow socialism per se, just Elizabeth Warren's brand of phoniness and barefaced lying for her self-serving opportunism.

Joe Biden was given a pass for his own tall tales and incoherence due to his dementia.  Yet Joe's mythmaking, plagiarism, and taking credit for others' achievements were equally disqualifying in Biden's previous short-lived presidential bids, as Warren's dishonesty now.  This is not to say Biden's sins of premeditated misrepresentations and impulsive boasting are venial while Warren's lies are of the mortal variety — only that Biden's forty-year history of surviving gaffes, conceits, and intellectual property thievery makes it less sensational.

Yes, Bernie is an unrepentant socialist and Soviet sympathizer.  But Bernie possesses the cardinal attributes Warren eschewed: authenticity and honesty.  Bernie has never stolen somebody else's identity for his own gain.  Bernie didn't make up chunks of his own life story to align his personal saga with those special interest grievance-mongers.  Bernie is a socialist, and he's neither denied nor apologized for it.

Elizabeth Warren's policy planks were just as crazy as Bernie's, with little daylight betwixt them: Medicare for all, Green New Deal, killing fossil fuels, open borders, free everything for illegal aliens, abortion wherever and whenever, debt forgiveness, free college, crushing new taxes — mostly unconstitutional — to pay for it all.  Destruction of free markets; confiscation of private property; close-down of free speech, assembly, and religious liberty; economic apocalypse.

So where will Elizabeth Warren direct her post-campaign affections?  She is not doing Bernie, her ideological seatmate, because she knows that Bernie would be crushed by Donald Trump, perhaps a beat-down so decisive as to extinguish totalitarian central planning fervor for a generation.

With Biden she would have some hope, though still thin, that much of her aspirational policy direction might be enacted.  After all, Biden would extinguish the Second Amendment, kill off fossil fuels (and the economy), pursue Medicare for all via more Obamacare, support free college and debt forgiveness, and raise and impose more taxes on everyone.

But why would she cozy up to Biden when her surrogates are already complaining that sexism foreclosed any chance for her to get a fair hearing?

Warren and her acolytes share with Hillary Clinton the morbidly unlikeable trait of hypegiaphobia — inability to take personal responsibility where one's shortcomings and failures are always caused by someone else. 

At least Massachusetts's Democrats have now forced Elizabeth Warren to live out her 2018 promise when asked by local beat reporters and national media if she would commit to serving out her full U.S. Senate term if elected.  "I am not running for president of the United States."

With four years remaining in the confines of the U.S. Senate minority cloakroom, Elizabeth Warren can contemplate a meaningful act of contrition and discover the virtues of truthfulness for once in her life while finding something — anything — she can bring to the citizens of the Commonwealth, except perfidy and dishonor.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey.

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