Democrats must stop pretending get-out-the-vote is charity

The biggest April Fool's prank regarding the upcoming Census, which launches on April 1, is played by those who pretend that get-out-the-vote campaigns are charity. The 2020 census count starts next month, and Democrats and professional activists who came out en masse to decry the Trump administration's attempt to include a citizenship question will no doubt be celebrating their win. That's because the Supreme Court ultimately blocked the Trump administration from adding a citizenship question, agreeing that citizenship questions are "unconstitutional" — even though they were included in every Census since the presidency of James Monroe until the Obama administration slashed it from the 2010 census. But here's a secret not everyone knows: Trump's biggest opponent in the census fight wasn't partisan Democrats or the Supreme Court's ambiguous ruling — but rather the well heeled, well coordinated, wealthy leftists pushing...(Read Full Post)
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