COVID-19: The numbers tell the story

Updated. By merging datasets recently made available by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and Johns Hopkins University, I've gathered some truly fascinating trend statistics on the global penetration of COVID-19 that I'm now prepared to share.  There are 20 infected countries on page one of my analysis — and these are their stories. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Global Penetration Statistics by Country as of 3/14/2020 08:00 GMT Data Image Copyright © 2020 by Marc Sheppard. You'll notice that this particular data snapshot contains population, new cases reported, deaths, and recoveries by country of exposure.  I've added five columns for each metric: total, today, last 5 days, 6–10 days ago, and 11–15 days ago are calculated for each in order to spot trends. I've also added percentages of cases per population, fatalities per caseload, and recoveries per caseload, by country and...(Read Full Post)
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