The numbers story continues

I have been merging the data sets from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and Johns Hopkins University to tease out insights that might otherwise be missed. This post updates my first piece using the merged data, adding the newest data from March 16, 2020.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Global Penetration Statistics by Country as of 3/16/2020 08:00 GMT

Data Image Copyright © 2020 by Marc Sheppard

You’ll notice that I’ve dropped population and inserted a new column into the chart, L5D% (Last 5-day % of cases).   I’ve been using that statistic quite a bit, as I believe it’s a significant indicator of population penetration, so the time had come to surface it on the chart.   I’ve also added FirstCase date and Age, as well as rankings for cases, deaths and recoveries (CR, DR, and RR),

As you can see, things are moving quickly in Europe. 

With that percentage now visible, we can easily see that Spain continues to expand its caseload with 2,000 new cases and a 78.86 % L5D (the highest in the top-20, but keep an eye on Austria (#16) at 78.84 %).  Monday’s Spanish deaths were 152 and NO recoveries.

Switzerland (#9) now rates a 77.73% L5D%, due mostly to its 841 new cases. Monday’s deaths were only 2 and NO recoveries reported.  

And now to the hardest-hit nation of the EU, Italy, is still looking dreadful with 6230 new cases, raising its L5D% to 57.68 %. The near-equal 370 deaths and 369 recoveries reported Monday make it #2 in deaths and #3 in recoveries, worldwide.

On the + side, China added another 1,357 recoveries and only 25 new cases, with a miniscule L5D% of 0.14%, and only 14 deaths.  And South Korea continues its positive direction with 74 new cases, a quite low 5.84% L5D% and no new deaths reported.

Graphic credit: Pickpik

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