And speaking of turnout...

We heard Bernie Sanders say in the last debate that Democrats needed a large turnout in 2020. In principle, Sanders is right.  We saw high turnout in 2008 with Obama.  We saw high turnout in Texas, and Senator Ted Cruz won by three points. So how is Democrat turnout so far? According to Rolling Stone, turnout may be a problem for Democrats: For the Democrats, the story is less rosy.  Historic turnout in the 2018 midterm elections and several special elections since Trump took office has not yet translated into similar outpourings of voter energy in the first four primaries and caucuses.  Political scientists and voting experts tell Rolling Stone that the turnout so far is good but not great. In several states more people voted, or a higher share of the voting-eligible population voted, than did four years ago.  But the numbers so far have not met the high-water mark of the 2008 campaign. "We're not...(Read Full Post)
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