A cop explains why stop-and-frisk works

Officer Martin McFadden was on a foot post in a commercial area of Cleveland, Ohio when he noticed two men standing on a street corner.  From his concealed position, McFadden watched as one of the men walked to a retail store, stopped to look in the window, turned around, and walked back to join the other man.  The other man walked over to the same store, looked in, and then rejoined his friend.  Officer McFadden watched as the men repeated the action about a dozen times individually before both headed toward the store together.  McFadden confronted the men and asked for identification.  When they hesitated, he patted down their clothing and removed a gun from each of them.  They were arrested and charged with illegally carrying concealed weapons. The aforementioned scenario happened on October 31, 1963.  The men arrested were John Terry and Richard Chilton.  During the trial, Terry's lawyer made a...(Read Full Post)
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