Two micro-polls to predict the Dem New Hampshire primary

The first of 2020's official presidential preference polls to be conducted by adults happens here in New Hampshire (N.H.) on Tuesday.  This short essay describes two micro-polls conducted Thursday. I live in southeastern N.H., the Exeter area, which is fairly blue like the adjacent state of Taxachusetts.  Thursday was errand day: a stop at a local business and then groceries at a local supermarket.  As I drove, I counted yard signs.  One each for Bernie, Joe, Tulsi, and Trump.  No Amy, no Yang.  Two for Warren.  And seven for Mayor Pete, the kid from Indiana who shows a modicum of sense. Yard signs have always been common in this part of the state.  Not so this year.  Are the signs another victim of the ubiquitous smartphone?  Or are they simply an indication of lack of Democrat interest?  I suspect the latter; we'll know by Wednesday. The other micro-poll...(Read Full Post)
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