No, Michael Bloomberg will not 'Get It Done'

It's safe to assume that someone who managed to amass a fortune in the tens of billions through his own efforts (more or less) is, as they say, a pretty sharp cookie. Why, then, did former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg decide to roll out his presidential campaign using the slogan "Mike will get it done," out of the many options expensive propaganda gurus — um, consultants — proposed? The implication that President Trump isn't "getting it done" is self-evidently absurd.  By any measure, Americans in virtually every demographic, economic, and social category will agree they are better off than under Obama. Our president "got it done" despite facing hurricane-force winds.  The Mueller, Ukraine, and impeachment hoaxes would have toppled a lesser man.  Trump rode "The Beast" at Daytona in front of a huge, enthusiastic crowd yelling, "Four more years!" President Trump is...(Read Full Post)
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