Liberals vs. the Good Samaritan

One attendee at a Trump rally fell ill the other day.  The YouTube video is titled “DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? President Trump DEMANDS Doc For MAGA Fan” Three days after being posted on February 21, more than 174,000 people had viewed the video. The kindness and respect that DJT shows to average citizens is part of what endears him to us. And people respond to his kindness.  This morning there were 1,778 replies and almost all of them praised the President for his caring.  Many said he was the best president since George Washington, a bit of exaggeration I might ascribe to heat of the moment. I had to sift through 158 posts before finding a hot take from a coldhearted liberal of bad disposition. Kristie Satterwhite 22 hours ago OMG, he could pull a gun and shoot everybody on the front row and y’all “trumpets” would applaud and give an excuse for it, then say how great he is. I guess Kristie is not a fan...(Read Full Post)
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