Jack Cashill's adventure novel, The Hunt

Ace investigative reporter and frequent AT contributor Jack Cashill and co-author Mike McMullen have published a novel,  The Hunt.  Although it's billed as "a political thriller," it's really more about just plain good guys versus bad guys, although these bad guys are Chechen jihadis, Mexican drug cartel henchmen, and homegrown America-hating radical anarchists.  The good guys are true-blue Americans (the term "true-blue" coming from the days before the media, in their little practical joke, turned the traditional designations of "red" and "blue" upside-down). I don't read much fiction these days (that doesn't include what The New York Times, The Kansas City Star, and just about any Democrat campaign materials present as "facts").  But because this particular work of fiction was written by two friends of mine, I made the exception. In the spirit of...(Read Full Post)
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