Anti-dairy protesters interrupt Bernie rally in Nevada

While Bernie Sanders was speaking at a rally in Nevada, those watching the live feed saw a woman storm the stage and seize the microphone from his hands.  She turned out to be an activist from Direct Action Everywhere, an animal liberation movement.

After castigating Bernie for daring to support those American farmers who raise animals for milk and meat, the live feed cut off.  That's a shame, because it was when the video cameras were gone that the fun really started.

What you see watching the video is a young woman with long black hair and scarlet lipstick jumping up from the crowd and wresting the microphone from Bernie's unwilling hands as he repeatedly tries to tug it back.  Eventually, a frail old man undone by her youthful animal strength, Bernie stalks off in high dudgeon.  In the meantime, the woman has the stage.

"Bernie," she says, "I'm your biggest supporter and I'm here to ask you to stop propping up the dairy industry and to stop propping up animal agriculture.  I believe in you..."

And then the mic is cut off.  Strong men come on stage, and the woman vanishes.  As they deal with the woman, though, the real fun begins.  Suddenly, several women appear on the stage, including one who is nude from the waist up.  The women unfurl banners, one of which reads, "Let dairy die."  And then the video feed ends.

The Daily Mail describes what happened next:

[T]opless women mounted the stage and poured colored liquids over their bodies from containers marked 'milk.'

They had the words 'dairy' and 'die' written across their nude torsos, with their bosoms fully displayed.

Sanders and his wife, Jane, stepped off to the side of the stage as the women carried on. Jane laughed in amusement as Sanders looked on in peevish annoyance. 

Security guards intervened and dragged the topless women off the stage.  

Sanders quickly resumed his speech, shrugging off the bizarre protest.

If you want to see just how bizarre a spectacle it was, the Daily Mail has AP's still photos from the event.

It's obvious from the photos that these activists are exhibitionists who are excited by displaying themselves to the crowd in bizarre ways.  That is, one doesn't sense this is as much about dairy cows as it is about women getting pleasure from displaying their own mammary glands to the public.

Alternatively, these people are simply nuts.

One of the realities of human life is that our bodies benefit from animal products.  Thousands of years ago, humans began domesticating animals to have these protein and mineral sources available because they make human life better.

In colonial times, one of the things that always struck people from England and Europe when they went to the colonies was how much bigger and healthier the colonial citizens were than their British and continental forebears.  The difference was an abundance of food, especially animal proteins and minerals that were available only to the rich in the Old World.

Another reality is that animals, while they have every living creature's will to live, lack existential awareness.  The cow does not graze in the fields and worry about imminent death or being milked, nor does the chicken pecking at grubs have nightmares about Colonel Sanders.  These animals also don't fret that their pleasure in day-to-day existence comes about only because humans bred them for human necessities.

As civilized creatures, we humans have an obligation to treat the animals in our care well.  Agribusinesses that torture animals in life or use cruel methods to slaughter them should be subject to sanction and closure.  That puts us one step ahead of Nature, red of tooth and claw.  Nevertheless, our bodies are still tied to Nature, which means we do best with the proteins and minerals only animals can supply.

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