Gun control? Don't sell your rights

The other day, I saw a T-shirt that read: Gun Control Breathe, relax, aim, sight, squeeze. Make no mistake: Big Mike (Mini Mike?) is coming for our guns.  He might just buy the White House or the Democratic Party and then start passing laws that ignore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Everything  has a price. As the camel's head extends into the tent, you will hear the term "commonsense gun laws."  The implication is that if you don't agree with the people pushing these laws, you lack common sense. There are some rules that are common sense.  Some version of these rules will come with any gun you buy.  Depending on their origin, there will be from three to ten rules.  If you follow them, you will have a much safer experience as a gun-owner.  The Marine Corps version has only four rules: 1.  Treat every weapon as if it were loaded. 2.  Never...(Read Full Post)
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