Would you rather your referee be conservative or liberal?

Here is the difference between conservative and liberal government, explained through a football analogy. Gentlemen, I'm a conservative referee.  By now, you all should know the rules of the game.  In fact, we expect and depend on you to know the rules of the game.  It's you whom the game is about, and it's you who will be enjoying the spoils of victory or the agony of defeat. My fellow referees are best relegated to the periphery of the field.  The less involved we are, the better the game will progress.  Who wants a bunch of starts and stops, delays and penalties with yellow flags all over the field?  The less we are involved, the smoother the game will proceed for everyone.  We expect you to know your position and all the rules that apply. Football is a violent game, and we are necessary to enforce the rules and make sure there's a level playing field.  But in the end, the game...(Read Full Post)
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