Facing a 2020 drubbing, the left begins lining up its excuses

The left and its Democrats in power are in bad shape.

They face a blowout election from voters in 2020, probably comparable to what Britain got, based on their crazed effort to impeach and remove President Trump over some totally non–national security issue like arms to Ukraine.

They're sinking in the polls.  Their favorite networks are seeing collapsing ratings.  They have a string of bad candidates, each more socialist than the next.  Voters hate socialism, along with guys who are too old to run.  The Horowitz report exposed the dishonesty and absence of integrity of their Deep State allies.

The object of their ire, by contrast, is rising in the polls, with sharp drops in his high-negative numbers and strong gains in traditional Democratic bulwarks such as black and Latino votes and more.  A recent poll showed that Trump would smash any Democrat in a head-to-head lineup.  There's no arguing with a stellar economy and promises kept.

They know it's coming, so now they're pre-emptively lining up their excuses.  Here's one from Mother Jones:

Republicans are intensifying efforts to aggressively purge the voter rolls in Wisconsin and Georgia before the 2020 elections, potentially giving their party a crucial advantage by shrinking the electorate in two key swing states.

On Friday, a state judge in Wisconsin ruled that the state could begin canceling the registrations of 234,000 voters — 7 percent of the electorate — who did not respond to a mailing from election officials. The Wisconsin Elections Commission, a bipartisan group overseeing state elections, had planned to wait until 2021 to remove voters it believes have moved to a new address. But in response to a lawsuit from a conservative group, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, Judge Paul Malloy, a Republican appointee, said those voters could be purged 30 days after failing to respond to a mailing seeking to confirm their address.

On Monday night, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger removed 309,000 voters from the rolls — 4 percent of the electorate — whose registrations were labeled inactive, including more than a hundred thousand who were purged because they had not voted in a certain number of previous elections.

Sounds like phony claims of voter disenfranchisement, that one Stacey Abrams has been dining out for months on after her ignominious defeat in Georgia, is going to be the first one. 

They ignore the hard fact that for many voters, unqualified and multiple voters are precisely a reason they elected President Trump and other Republican leaders.  They want these things cleaned up.  There's no way anyone who wants to vote and is qualified to vote, is not going to be able to vote so long as they take the right legal steps.  Even those who missed deadlines and got dropped from the rolls can vote if they want to; there's no shutout.  And cripes, are they saying only Democrats are going to be dropped because they can't bother to register properly as asked? 

It's nonsense.  But it's a coming attraction.  They're losing, and now they're looking to line up excuses.

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