Why isn't Brennan or anyone else already behind bars?

Department of Justice inspector general Michael Horowitz's report contains so much to be outraged by that it's hard to sustain the energy.  And it goes way beyond his mind-numbing catalogue of FBI abuses.

To take just one example, as Tucker Carlson pointed out, Horowitz's report verifies that Obama's CIA director John Brennan outright lied when he testified that the Steele dossier played no role in the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment.  Brennan's perjury here has been public knowledge for a long time now.  Paul Sperry reported on it way back in February 2018.

But now Brennan's lie under oath before Congress is officially documented in the I.G. report.  Why isn't the DoJ finally going after Brennan for it?  What possible reason could there be to wait for Prosecutor John Durham to finish his investigation into the FBI's Russia probe before nailing Brennan about his lie to Congress?

The 2017 ICA is the evidentiary basis for the whole garbage "Russians hacked the DNC" narrative.  Hillary Clinton constantly regurgitates the lie that the ICA was the product of all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies so she can delegitimize both Trump's presidency and the massive volume of appalling information about her character and competence WikiLeaks released.  But in the real world outside her decrepit, odious, deceiving mind, the ICA was produced by a bunch of analysts Brennan chose specifically for the task.

So Brennan's perjury, when he falsely testified that the ICA wasn't based on opposition research paid for by the wretched woman's own campaign, is a very big deal.  But Roger Stone is going to jail for lying about stuff that literally had no relevance to the investigation for which he was testifying?  That's just one of an unbelievably large array of serious crimes that nothing is being done about.  The GOP appears to be content to yell, "In your face, Comey!" while the DoJ does nothing.

If you tried to sit down and list all of it, the open-and-shut serious crimes that we're waiting for Durham's investigation to finish before the DoJ gets off its duff and does something about them, you'd go mad from despair and frustration.  Mueller didn't wait till he was all finished before destroying Paul Manafort's and Roger Stone's lives for crimes that all either were trivial or had absolutely no bearing on the matters he was investigating.  He came down on them as hard as possible as soon as he could.  He even conducted a pre-dawn paramilitary raid to arrest 67-year-old Stone at which CNN just happened to be present in advance with cameras ready to roll.

Yet Brennan is getting paid by CNN to spread more lies, discord, and sedition, because for some reason, we have to wait for Durham to come down from the mountain before the DoJ will start prosecuting even one of the many clear cases involving monumental and outrageous abuses of power.  When Durham's report comes out, Brennan and the rest ought to be already in prison and merely learning how much more time they are likely to face.

Maybe when Durham's denouement to this sickening saga of relentless government lawlessness comes, it will be spectacular and totally worth the wait.  But it's hard not to believe it's going to be any less of an obscene disappointment than everything else we've seen so far.

Michael Thau is a contributor at American Greatness and blogs at Aclearerpicture.net.

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