Is BoJo's massive victory a foreshadowing of November 2020?

The referendum for Brexit was held on June 23, 2016, in which 51.9 percent voted for Great Britain to leave the European Union.  A victory for Brexit, no doubt, but not an overwhelming one.  Then, five months later, American voters delivered a similar blow to their political establishment by electing Donald Trump president.  Although Trump won the Electoral College votes by a sizable margin (304 to 227), his victory in many critical states was narrow, and he received 2.1 percent less of the popular vote than did Hillary Clinton. 

Now, about three year later, conservative and pro-Brexit proponent Boris Johnson achieved a blowout victory this week over the opposition Labor Party. 

There are common threads among all three of these elections.  One is that the people of Great Britain and the United States gave the middle finger to their respective political establishments, ruling elites, and globalism.  Another thread is that prior to each election, the media and all "the right people" were dead set against what ultimately prevailed: Brexit, Trump, and Boris Johnson. 

Note the trend.  Brexit first won narrowly but then, three years later, won overwhelmingly.  Could this be a foreshadowing of what the 2020 presidential election will look like?  First, Trump won a narrow victory in 2016 but then, a few years later, wins in a landslide.  I think so.  Also, many other events stateside are aligning that way, not the least of which are the phenomenal economy and the flops of the Mueller witch hunt and the Democrats' impeachment effort.  At this point, the 2020 election is Trump's to lose, and Trump is not a man given to losing. 

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