What does Putin want?

Recently, Russian leader Vladimir Putin held the end-of-year press conference where 2 thousand journalists from around the world tried to understand the future political plans of the Kremlin's holder. This event has become a tradition whereby Putin demonstrates that the liberal elite’s policy of isolating Russia has failed. The logic is that it is impossible to ignore the interests of the largest country. Therefore, the efforts of top news agencies to understand its next steps are clear evidence of this. There were questions on completely different topics: from Putin’s personal life to predictions of a possible nuclear war. However, many guests stubbornly sought an answer to the question of whether he intends to remain in his position after 2024. YouTube screen grab According to the Constitution, the President of Russia could not be elected for more than two terms for four years each in a row. The first 8 years of Putin’s rule ended in 2008, after...(Read Full Post)
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