Trollmaster Trump hoists Pelosi on her own petard

Yes, indeed, there's never been a president remotely similar to the forty-fifth occupant of the office. Not even close. NeverTrumps no doubt would deplore the "lack of civility" and proclaim that the "dignity of the office" has been impaired.  They would much prefer the strategy employed by the forty-third POTUS, George W. Bush, who remained gentlemanly, never firing back when he was vilified by Democrats and the Left as "BushHitler" and "Chimpy McBush."  And how'd that work out? Gallup Poll. The uncouth, impolite, just terrible, horrible lout Donald Trump has taken the opposite tack, and after almost three years in office, he is seeing a "massive movement" in the polls in his favor. The latest edition of "hitting back ten times as hard" when attacked was an in-your-face mocking of the very mockable speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi is looking for a Quid Pro Quo with the...(Read Full Post)
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