First FBI employee sentenced to jail in anti-Trump scandals

A now-former FBI employee is going to jail for illegally accessing private emails and attempting to expose them to his employer and the media.  It's not James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, or Lisa Page, but at least it's a start.

It's not clear if this was a personal freelance effort or if more senior levels were involved, but if the latter is the case, there is no evidence leading to further prosecutions of the higher-ups.  Either that, or maybe the perp is getting a light sentence in return for turning in the higher-ups.  A guy can hope….

Fox News reports:

A former FBI analyst was sentenced to seven days in jail Friday after admitting he illegally accessed an email address belonging to a right-wing Washington lobbyist as part of his efforts to expose an alleged smear campaign against Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The former FBI analyst — Mark Tolson, 60, — pleaded guilty in a federal court in Alexandria, Va., in September to a misdemeanor charge of computer fraud and abuse, according to Politico.

Tolson said, with help from his wife Sarah Gilbert Fox, he accessed an email account belonging to GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman, photographed "emails of interest," and tried to hand them over both to the FBI and the press, The Washington Post reported. Fox had worked for Burkman from October 2017 to summer 2018 and had his email password, authorities said. She was not charged.

Hat tip: Roger Luchs.

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