The most nauseating MSM Deep-State puff-piece interview you'll ever read

In an interview with Daily Beast contributor Molly Jong-Fast, the "lovely" Lisa Page insists she's not even close to being a criminal.  Jong-Fast agrees.  How dare the poor, abused woman be put through this "MAGA meat grinder" for merely exercising her First Amendment right to hate the president? Page couldn't have chosen a better shoulder to cry on than Jong-Fast's.  The daughter of sex-obsessed author Erica Jong  and granddaughter of communist writer Howard Fast, she offers Page a safe space to break her silence — away from "orange man bad," away from invisible MAGA hat-wearing D.C. residents, and away from the DOJ officials who betrayed her.  Page is no criminal, writes Jong-Fast; her private texts were "hijacked by Trump to fuel his deep state conspiracy." Jong-Fast feels Page's pain.  She should.  The pair share the same entitlement elitist...(Read Full Post)
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