The crass effrontery of Lisa Page

It takes an enormous amount of pomposity to do what disgraced former FBI lawyer Lisa Page did Tuesday.  She is suing both the FBI and the DOJ for damages suffered due to the publication of her many, many texts to and from her paramour, odious Peter Strzok, the man who can smell Trump voters at Walmart.  Both Page and Strzok were married to other people but carried on a passionate affair based in part, it seems, on their shared hatred of Donald Trump.

So the facts on the table are these: both Page and Strzok are liars.  They each lied to their respective spouses (both have children).  Both saw themselves as above the law as they plotted to derail Trump's campaign.  They were both Hillary sycophants who thought they could personally see that she won; they had an "insurance policy."  The dossier?  Perhaps.

Bottom line?  These two people are the worst sort of government employees, the kind who purposefully undermine the Constitution to satisfy their own lust for power, which they take for granted.

Lisa Page (YouTube screen grab).

So puffed up with her own sense of self-importance, Page is asking for financial reimbursement for "the cost of therapy to cope with unwanted national media exposure and harassment" and "the cost of childcare during and transportation to multiple investigative reviews and appearances before Congress."  She also claims a "permanent loss of earning capacity due to reputational damage."

Poor Lisa!  She feels she has really been badly treated but accepts no responsibility for her own actions.  She sees herself as a victim!

Now most people who have been interested in this despicable national scandal for the last three years are familiar with many of the texts between Page and Strzok.  They are the pathetic ramblings of two immature and arrogant people, comfortable in their government jobs, who think it is in their "purview" to bring down a presidential candidate, then the elected president.  In an earlier report, I.G. Horowitz wrote that the Strzok/Page texts were "not only indicative of a biased state of mind but, even more seriously, implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidate's electoral prospects."  And even though in his report released on Monday he backtracks a bit and says he found "no evidence of bias affecting investigative decisions," it is clear from the enormous bulk of information in his report that the entire enterprise, the Russia-collusion hoax, was all about bias from the outset. 

Comey claimed to be vindicated in his WaPo op-ed before he actually read the Horowitz report.  It paints him as the dirty cop he is.  This entire scheme was a coordinated plan to take down a duly elected president.  Strzok and Page were in on it from the outset.

There is no indication of remorse in Page's lawsuit.  None.  In her interview with The Daily Beast, she makes it clear that she believes she is a victim!  How did we get here?  Easy answer.  Page is 39, young enough, perhaps, to have been taught that any difficulty, any unpleasantness in life is never her fault, but an assault from outside sources.  Schools indoctrinated her generation that no matter how disastrous their poor choices, their behavior, no matter how disastrous the consequences, they are the victims.

Lisa Page could be the calendar girl for Millennial narcissism.  If her parents are living, one has to wonder what they are thinking: what did we do wrong?  Or are they sympathetic to her plight as a victim of her own despicable behavior?  It would be interesting to know. 

To most Americans, those who go to work each day, raise their kids, love their country, and do the right things most of the time, persons like Page and Strzok are everything they do not want their own children to become: egomaniacal and lacking any and all traditional values such as honesty, humility, grace, and gratitude for being a citizen of the greatest nation on the planet.  One has to feel glum for the children of these two reprobates — not to disparage their spouses, but their children do not have good role models for parents.

What is becoming clearer and clearer is that Donald Trump is the far better man than his deranged detractors.  As for Lisa Page's lawsuit, it should be thrown out of court.  She should be instead tried for attempted treason, for she is a traitor to this nation.  "A traitor only becomes one if their plot is discovered.  The imposition of guilt means nothing to those who feign loyalty" (Stewart Stafford).  Page and Strzok are both traitors who only feign loyalty to America.  Page's lawsuit proves she has no sense of decency.

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