Starbucks caught insulting cops...again

Does Starbucks have a cop problem? Seems the company's been caught a third time, in less than six months, insulting uniformed police officers who were only trying to buy a cup of coffee. According to USA Today: The Seattle-based chain issued an apology this weekend after two sheriff's deputies at a Starbucks in Riverside County, California, said they were ignored at a store and left after waiting for around five minutes, possibly more. Sheriff Chad Bianco called attention to the episode on Friday when he tweeted from his office's account saying, "Two of our deputies were refused service at Starbucks. The anti police culture repeatedly displayed by Starbucks employees must end.'' In a video posted on Facebook, Bianco said the deputies were laughed at and "were completely ignored because they were in uniform. Quite honestly, that's just not acceptable. It can't be acceptable.'' Starbucks spokesman...(Read Full Post)
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