Peloton woman and the impeachers

Round and round Peloton woman speedily goes; when she'll come to her senses, nobody knows. An ad of a husband gifting his slim, attractive wife a Peloton luxury stationary exercise bike, complete with online streaming classes and more, "The Gift That Gives Back," began airing a few weeks ago, generating  nearly eight million views and so many heated opinions — mainly negative — that the YouTube ad's comments section was turned off.  Social commentators and critics — both professional and average citizens — pondered the meaning of the bike's message all over social media.  Following the unpleasant publicity, the stock of its parent company tanked.  Indeed, the controversy surrounding the 30-second ad was so intense that for a while, more people researched the ad than the impeachment circus hearings, although that has since changed, according to Google Trends. Read what you will into Google...(Read Full Post)
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