Liberals' amazing logic on abortion


I want you to look at this graph.  It comes from the Guttmacher Institute, which supports abortion.

Now, the Guttmacher Institute says that "lack of access to health insurance and health care plays a role, as do racism and discrimination."

In all such cases, there is the charge that blacks (or people of color) have less access to abortion.  This is one of the arguments in court cases to overturn state laws that limit abortion.

So what does the graphic imply?

It implies that if blacks had better access to abortions, blacks would have even more abortions.  Already, blacks have 2.7 times as many abortions (per capita) as whites.  According to this graphic, with all things being equal, African-Americans could have more.

However, no one seems to ask the obvious: if more black babies are being aborted, isn't that discrimination against blacks, in and of itself?  I will not bother to delve into Margaret Sanger's eugenic beliefs.

Are white women supposed to have more abortions to equalize the number?  If the government suppresses abortion, poor blacks will have fewer abortions — while more prosperous whites could fly to different jurisdictions to get them.  This would bring white and black rates of abortion closer.

Wouldn't such government suppression logically qualify as a form of affirmative action?

The graphic seems to indicate that blacks have massively higher rates of abortion (which in and of itself indicates a form of discrimination), yet the Guttamacher Institute seems to think the solution to such discrimination (access) is more discrimination (by abortion rate).

The logic here is contradictory, as is this quote from another source.

Yet, the states with high populations of black women — and some with the worst records on black women's healthcare — are the ones pushing hardest for abortion bans: Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, and Georgia.  As a result, many of these states are closing facilities that not only provide abortions but other critical women's health services.

So who is responsible?

It stands to reason that the powers that be, the network of old white boys, are panicking over the darkened hue of the American populace; and over the demands for economic and political diversity and equity.

If the "old white boys" are panicking over the darkened hue of Americans, wouldn't they be encouraging abortions of blacks, not suppressing them?  After all, more abortions of blacks means fewer African-Americans.

Forget, for a while, any moral views.  What does this say about the logical capabilities of those who make such arguments?

Check out the graphic while it remains.  It may be pulled soon.

I once found an academic document on a pro-Palestinian website — with cited data — that said the Arabs should own Jerusalem because the Jews have a majority only in the metropolitan area as a whole.  On a small chat room, I pointed out the absurdity of such a statement, as it undercut the Arab claim while commenting that the person who wrote that absurdity probably had a Ph.D.

Somebody must have relayed my comment to the Arab website, because within a few days, the document was removed.

Remember above all else that the people who make these claims (and graphs) often have graduate degrees and are better "educated" than you.

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