Howard Stern joins Hillary's humanization push

All signs indicate that Hillary is prepping for another presidential run once Biden and the rest of the field fall flat. Hillary has inserted herself into the news cycle nearly every week since she lost her ‘sure thing’ election to Donald Trump. Whether it’s her book tours (What Happened - 2017, The Book of Gutsy Women - 2019), her speaking tours with husband Bill (2018, 2019), and commencement speeches (Wellesley College - 2017, Yale University - 2018, and Hunter College - 2019), at every turn she used these occasions to, of course, attack Donald Trump and rehash her sour grapes about the Electoral College and Russians. The latest attempt to ‘humanize’ Hillary occurred recently when she appeared on the Howard Stern Show.  Shortly after the 2016 contest, Howard said that if he would have been able to interview Hillary prior to the election, he felt that he might have been able to convince enough blue-collar voters in his audience to swing the...(Read Full Post)
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