Harvey Weinstein and the future of leftism

More than two years after the fall of Harvey Weinstein's empire, Weinstein awaits a criminal trial next month on charges of rape and related sexual misconduct.  It is time to take stock of what we have learned from this scandal. The most important characteristic of Weinstein's conduct (and that of many other media celebrities) is the use of money and power to facilitate and cover up their misconduct.  Weinstein was as powerful an individual as existed over the past thirty years.  His movies shaped our culture.  He could and did make or break careers in Hollywood.  The people he favored became rich and influential.  His money and influence filled the coffers of powerful politicians.  He and the Hollywood that he dominated were the epitome of Howard Beale's rant from the old fictional movie Network.  Weinstein truly could "make or break presidents, popes, prime...(Read Full Post)
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