FBI lovebird Lisa Page is cranking up the victim dial

Lisa Page, the former FBI attorney, lovebird, coup-plotter, and police-state practitioner, has got plenty of things to answer for in the Horowitz report and, even more likely, the upcoming Durham report. But there she is, out on Twitter, tweeting away all kinds of potentially incriminating things, jumping in with James Comey and playing a lot of victim cards, on Twitter and beyond.  That's some smart lawyer she is... Yes. 1000 times this.https://t.co/Vd1X4HE9Mc — Lisa Page (@NatSecLisa) December 30, 2019 Plus one big difference: I am not just an FBI target of the President, but a female one. So his followers understand that I'm therefore different, and "deserving" of a special kind of hatred, a vile reduction of my whole existence into body parts and sex acts. — Lisa Page (@NatSecLisa) December 30, 2019 It's incredibly degrading and dehumanizing, but I suppose that's the point, isn't it. — Lisa Page...(Read Full Post)
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