Joe Biden goes full Thunberg on climate hysteria

It's kind of sad that a grown man is being led around by the nose by a teenager on the autism spectrum.  But Joe Biden does understand that the big institutions of education, media, and business want the public to be scared and accept more taxes and more control over them.  So, taking a cue from the sourpuss Swede, he is amping up his rhetoric to utter hysteria level, and his demands to utter tyranny.

The only thing missing here is a scream: "We're all gonna die!!!!"  Joe settles for "we're all dead" in a conversational tone:

I'd appreciate it if Joe would tell us what the cause of death of all of us would be.  It's a ridiculous claim.  More chilling is his promise to imprison those who provide us with energy from hydrocarbons.

He lapses into incoherence, speaking of "underserved neighborhoods" (too few gas stations?), and then, unable to fashion anything to make sense of it, claims, "You know the deal, okay?"  Actually, we have no idea what the deal is.

Joshua Caplan quips:

It is unclear whether Biden meant he would also imprison his own son, Hunter Biden, who served on the board of directors of Ukrainian gas giant Burisma Holdings between 2014–2016.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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