FBI lovebird Lisa Page is cranking up the victim dial

Lisa Page, the former FBI attorney, lovebird, coup-plotter, and police-state practitioner, has got plenty of things to answer for in the Horowitz report and, even more likely, the upcoming Durham report.

But there she is, out on Twitter, tweeting away all kinds of potentially incriminating things, jumping in with James Comey and playing a lot of victim cards, on Twitter and beyond.  That's some smart lawyer she is...

Why is she talking to trolls on Twitter? Why is she getting upset by such creatures?

She's playing the victim card, in a not-so-disguised bid to rally the left to her side.  In light of what she did — spying on Carter Page, attempting to overthrow President Trump, showing some amazingly unprofessional behavior on her text messages, and openly breaking FBI rules against having affairs — it's pretty preposterous. 

It's also complete nonsense.  Page as attacked for being a woman on Twitter?  Don't think so.  I scoured her Twitter feed for evidence that Trump-supporters were calling her the c-word or something, and I found no evidence of that at all.  I saw one use of a disguised b-word, and not done in a sexual context.  The right-wingers, in fact, had so much substantial material that there were few personal attacks.  Right-wingers were posting things like this:

Twitchy had a bit more here mentioning Page, particularly in the context of Comey's victim-mongering.

It sounds as though she's trying to flip her own narrative here, making herself the next Christine Blasey Ford, feminist superhero, and persuade all the lefties to rally to her side.  For the lefties, what better way than to cast herself as victim?  It's tough being a Trump-hating FBI lovebird, isn't it?

It's not the first time, either.  Page made another nonsensical claim about President Trump bringing her up in a rally, telling the Daily Beast that, horrors, he suggested that she faked orgasm, which, if you listen to the tape, was never said at all.  Her imaginative claims say more about her own mentality than they do about either Republicans or Trump.  Here are her claims, and here is the actual C-SPAN video.  (Funny how the Daily Beast didn't run it, because it's a free post.)

Victim?  In reality, she was a victimizer, spying on innocents, witholding critical information from FISA courts, exhibiting unprofessional behavior bad enough to make the public wonder what the heck is going on at the FBI and creating public distrust, and above all attempting to overturn the results of the 2016 election. 

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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