Dingell and civility in politics

John Dingell probably would have laughed at President Donald Trump's allusion that Dingell was perhaps "looking up" at the political scene.  It is no exaggeration to say that of all of the politicians on the scene since 1955 (Dingell's first year in the House of Representatives), nobody knew better than he that politics ain't beanbag.  Crude jokes and allusions are part of the game.  During one of my two stints as an intern in his offices, Dingell would often jovially announce that he was stopping into the bathroom by saying, "Time to salute the president" (who happened to be Bill Clinton at the time).  He was not above telling what he thought were amusing stories about Ronald Reagan's forgetfulness at the 40th president's expense. Giving as good as one gets comes in this regard comes with the territory.  Dingell gave as tough as anyone, evidenced by his once tweeting Trump to "please...(Read Full Post)
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