Desperate Elizabeth Warren flails out at Electoral College

In the wake of her disastrous Medicare for all plan tanking her polling support, Elizabeth Warren needs to change the subject, so she's decided to attack the United States Constitution.  Specifically, Warren wants to eliminate the Electoral College, telling a campaign rally audience in Waterloo, Iowa, "I plan to be the last American president to be elected by the Electoral College." The Daily Wire: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) isn't even the frontrunner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, but she's already looking forward to running for her second term as president — a term, she hopes, she'll win by popular vote after she eliminates the Electoral College. ... At a stop in Waterloo, Iowa, Warren waxed poetic about her first term in office as President Warren, and suggested that among her top priorities is a rewrite of the Constitution, eliminating the Electoral College and replacing it with a popular vote. When...(Read Full Post)
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