Impeachment? How did we get here?

How on Earth did we end up with people like Lisa Page and all of her cohorts, all of whom thought it was in their purview to take out a presidential candidate they did not like and then to sabotage his presidency once inaugurated?  Who raised these people; who were their parents?  Where did they go to college and learn that this kind of abrogation of the Constitution is in their "purview"?

Robert Mueller loved that word, "purview."  He answered many, many questions he was not prepared to answer by saying, "That was not in my purview."  What a cop-out!  We all learned on that day he testified that Mueller was nothing but a figurehead for the "Mueller investigation."  Whoever thought he would do them proud was an idiot.

Many Americans are beginning to realize that the majority of those who rise to positions of unelected power are not only fiercely partisan, but incompetent.  Not only that, but they are abominably arrogant, and they have contempt for those of us who are not in any way relevant to them.

Make no mistake: the American people are of zero concern to the Left.  We are nothing but an inconvenience to them because we can vote.  They pander for our support when elections come around and then dismiss our concerns the moment they retain their power.

How on Earth have we ended up with the negligible cast of characters seeking the 2020 Democrat nomination?

Joe Biden?  He's on the "No Marlarkey" bus tour!  Who under the age of eighty knows what that word means?  The man is a disaster as a candidate.  His family's corruption is outed bit by bit for all to see and read.  He is clearly suffering some form of mental decline.  That his wife has not pulled him from the campaign does not reflect well on her any more than the mystery as to why Mueller's wife did not rescue him from the disaster that was his appearance before the Judiciary Committee.

There is a fine line between love and respect for one's longtime spouse and the duty to protect him from ridicule.  Mueller is clearly past his prime.  Biden is mentally declining in public, day after day, for all to see.  Mrs. Biden either is ignorant of the most basic signs of dementia or wants to be first lady so badly that she is blind to her husband's obvious failings.  The rest of the Democrat candidates are not much better.  Few Americans (2%) watched their last debate, and they did not miss a thing.

What do they all want?  Medicare for all, of course, even for illegals, no matter how impossibly expensive this pander may be.  They know that this will mean the rationing of medical care for the rest of us but not them.  They enjoy the privilege of political power.

They want open borders, of course, in order to sully the voting public with those who want the "free stuff" pro-socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are promising.  They want to overturn the Second Amendment in order to deprive us all of our right to bear arms so that only the criminals will have guns.  That this policy has been a murderous disaster everywhere it has been tried is of no concern to them.  They couldn't care less about how many innocents are killed in "gun-free zones."  They are gun-free only for law-abiding citizens.

It's the same for all manner of crime to the Left; they promote it with their easing of penalties for "misdemeanors" like shoplifting.  In some states, thanks to George Soros's funding the elections of criminal-friendly district attorneys, unsurprisingly, higher crime rates are the result.  San Francisco has hundreds of car break-ins a day (31,122 last year), and the police are prevented from doing anything about it.  San Francisco, like Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Seattle, has been virtually destroyed by the leftist ideology of moonbat progressives.  They can see the damage their policies do, but they ignore the facts on the ground.  They prefer to believe in the wholly imaginary success of their moonbattery as opposed to the obvious success of enforcing the basics of right vs. wrong.  The Left abhors distinctions like right vs. wrong.

Now that the report of I.G. Horowitz and the actions of A.G. Barr and John Durham are nearing release, the Trump-haters are melting down.  Lisa Page seems ever so confident that she is free and clear, a victim, despite her obvious collusion in the Russia hoax.  Adam Schiff is deranged, obsessed, an embarrassment.  These people are outrageous!  Like Comey, McCabe, Brennan, et al, after all we know, they claim virtuousness when they are in fact treasonous.

Again, who raised these people?  Who educated them at what universities?  How did they end up so devoid of conscience, so entitled to their sense of superiority? Because the culture of the Left has inculcated it, indoctrinated at least two generations of political power-seekers with abject amorality.

From Woodrow Wilson's racist progressivism to Saul Alinsky's vicious prescriptions on how to win, which Hillary thoroughly embraced, we are where we are; in a fight for the survival of America as founded.

That Trump won election was indeed some version of divine intervention. He has, so far, saved us despite the Democrats' will to destroy everything that was great about America as founded. The Left is blinded by the darkness they wish upon us. Remarkably, President Trump is the light that has brought us back and will save us if the people are paying attention. He will not be impeached and the people who have perpetrated this massive hoax will be punished at the ballot box. They, the Left, count on the American people, to be ignorant, uninformed and subject to their fake news. May we surprise them in November 2020. Still waters run deep.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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