Boris Johnson: to the victor the spoils

Anyone who has watched Parliament in session will know the invective that has been thrown at Boris. Although our Prime Minister is known as Boris Johnson, he is better known just by ‘Boris.’ In the House of Commons his integrity was endlessly questioned. In the press he was caricatured as a buffoon. A lady colleague in Parliament questioned whether it was safe to get in a taxi together with him. The Scots were for ever questioning his trustworthiness. The word ‘trust’ surfaced again and again, from those who railed against his being Prime Minister.

In fact, Boris answered all these slurs with unfailing politeness, a quality that was noticeable for its absence in his assailants and opposition. Now within 48 hours all that has changed. Boris has engaged with people. Boris is funny, nay, more than that he is witty. He can walk and talk with world leaders but loses not the common touch - so that he can invade the heartlands of the industrial North. He has done that without having to slurp pints. He has done it with one simple slogan ‘Get Brexit done.’

A much-noted election commerical based on Love Actually (YouTube screen grab)

The vast majority of the people wanted to get Brexit done, as was shown by the sheer size of his victory in this winter election. Lord Heseltine is routed; Sir John Major is put to the sword; Tony Blair and all the backward-looking soothsayers are humbled, nay, humiliated. It is they who have not read the public mood; it is they who have not spoken up for youth – just the opposite. That old Marxist, Jeremy Corbyn, is now reviled by his own party, as having been poison on the doorstep. What a lesson that is, never to sit on the fence! That way lies ignominy!

They thought that the public mood had changed. They thought that the Leavers were just a bunch of oldies, many of whom would have died off in the intervening three years since the Referendum of 2016. They, the Remainers, have been proved wrong and wrong again. Nary a one of them has survived in Public Office, the Anna Soubrys the Chukka Umunnas – they are all gone. All the doubters, all the backward looking, have all been swept away.

All you Sleeping Beauties… the Prince has already come on his white horse. It is time to wake up, to stand on your own feet, to be self-reliant and not to look for handouts. In Scotland Nicola Sturgeon calls for Independence, while wanting to be dependent on the EU – small wonder, as she cannot manage the economy. She would give away Scottish fisheries to an EU which is itself close to financial collapse.

Will Boris make a trade deal with the EU in one year? You bet he will. Can you imagine that the Germans would sacrifice their car trade with the UK, the Dutch their flowers, the French their wine and cheeses, the Italians their washing machines and so on? The EU needs trade with the UK far more that we need trade with them. We still have friends across the globe; we have the English-speaking world, the Commonwealth, the cricketers of the Globe. Will Boris also make a deal with Trump? You bet he will, and it will not take a year – it will take 5 minutes, if President Trump has his way. It is called the Art of the Deal!

We are at a crossroads in history. It is an incredibly exciting time. Let us put our hands to the plough and let us not look back!

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