Aftershocks from UK election earthquake should rattle US Democrats

Socialists, globalists, and Jew-haters were soundly rejected by British voters yesterday, and that has got to worry United States Democrats, many of whom have embraced these political positions.  Pollsters who had warned that the race was tightening were repudiated by voters who handed a historic landslide outcome to Boris Johnson's Conservative Party, which is now reckoned to end up with an 86-seat majority when all the results are tabulated.  Even more pointed for the Democrats is the fact that Jeremy Corbyn's Labor Party has dipped below 200 seats for the first time in almost a century and has lost seats in the industrial Midlands and North that have been secure for it for over a century. To be sure, the United Kingdom and the United States are not identical, so there are limits to the parallels that can be drawn, but there are plenty of reasons to believe that similar tectonic forces are at work in both nations.  If you think this...(Read Full Post)
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