A warning to conservatives: Don't get complacent on impeachment

A march to ruin, a gang of Mafiosi has been unleashed on our great nation from the bowels of Capitol Hill.  This is a modern-day NKVD, a Moscow show trial of revolutionary zealots that would made Felix Dzerzhinsky proud.  This sham of a witch hunt is tailor-made for Hollywood, Adam Schiff playing Beria, CNN and the N.Y. Times playing Pravda.  Stalin just hasn't appeared on stage yet; fear that his time is coming.  Now impeachment is upon us.  Anyone who claims with certainty that he knows exactly what the next few months will bring is fooling himself.  Yes, the Senate may acquit; those senators may just dismiss this hoax and spare us a trial.  But then what?  Does one really think the Democrats will fold up the tent and scurry away?  The forces unleased by this shredding of the Constitution are unknown to all, and for one to assume that this will easily lead to a Trump landslide and a Democrat...(Read Full Post)
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