Vindman busted for resume enhancement during yesterday’s testimony

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman certainly comes across as a slippery character.  He didn’t inform his boss when he went to lawyers over his concerns over the Trump-Zelensky phone call, and informed the Ukraine president about an alleged plot but not his own commander in chief. And he exaggerated the importance of his position, the old resume-enhancement gambit, and was busted for it yesterday. Tristan Justice reports in The Federalist:  Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman was caught exaggerating his resume and his role in the White House to congressional lawmakers in Tuesday’s round of public hearings during the Democrats’ partisan impeachment proceedings. Vindman previously claimed in his opening statement to be the “principal advisor to the National Security Advisor and the president on Ukraine and the other countries in my portfolio.” When asked about the claim however by Republican Congressman Mike Turner of Ohio,...(Read Full Post)
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