Traveling with Fauxcahontas over a cardboard sea

Midway through the 1932 classic melody, It's Only a Paper Moon, the lyric proclaims: "It is only a paper moon, Sailing over a cardboard sea; But it wouldn't be make believe, If you believed in me..." Without a doubt, this old time standard should be the theme song for Senator Elizabeth Warren's 2020 Presidential campaign. In her world of illusion and make believe, a young Anglo child can aspire to be a Cherokee maiden.  In her world; angry old white men, and the hammer of racism which they wield and thrash, are the source of all evil and injustice being heaped upon the helpless and downtrodden. These nasty greed-mongers can be found lurking beneath the beds or in the closets of every small child in America, waiting to snatch the child's dream from their defenseless outstretched fingertips before they are even allowed to enjoy the fruits of their dream. But there is Hope - despite Donald Trump!  For in the world of Liz Warren and her wokey...(Read Full Post)
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