Wagon train: Another big investor/taxpayer flees blue-state New York

Blue state flight is real. Thousands have fled the high taxes, inflated costs, crime, choking regulations, illegals-coddling, and social engineering for redder states.

Now, New York's most famous citizen, President Trump, has joined them.

It had to have been hard. According to the New York Post:

Donald Trump is leaving New York.

President Trump on Thursday night explained his decision to ditch the glitzy world of Midtown skyscrapers and — eventually — flee to his Mar-a-Lago resort at the conclusion of his White House tenure.

The Queens native penned a series of tweets about his departure from Trump Tower after reports said he filed documents to change his primary residenceto Palm Beach, Florida.

“I cherish New York, and the people of New York, and always will,” Trump wrote.

“But unfortunately, despite the fact that I pay millions of dollars in city, state and local taxes each year, I have been treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and state.”

The Post cites the sick special treatment Trump has gotten from Manhattan's politically motivated prosecutors as one reason.

How about the city’s new top lawyer, Jim Johnson — who declared Thursday that his No. 1 priority would be going after Trump.

The nastiness at the Trump buildings, with violent protestors and official sanction, is probably another reason.  And all of this comes on top of the inflated taxes, crime, homelessness, corruption (a big one in New York) and absence of value that taxpayers get for their money in all one-party blue cities.

A big whale of a taxpayer is leaving the state and all Fredo Cuomo's brother the governor can say (despite that big loss of taxpayer revenue for his state) is "good riddance." It figures. He still loses the tax receipts.

Some have wondered why Trump stayed in that state at all for as long as he did, given its appalling business conditions.

It reveals something important: That even a big-fish taxpayer in the private sector, like Trump, is no match for the far-left juggernaut ruling blue cities. And that like millions and millions of Americans, he's fleeing to redder climes, places that don't boil with hate, mismanagement, shortages, and incompetence.

It ought to actually be good for a couple points up for him in the polls, because so many Americans have similarly fled before him. Half of California, including much of its illegal immigrant population wants to flee. New York and California are seeing their first population contractions in ages now beginning to form. The American story is now one of fleeing blue states. Some are calling it 'wagon train.'

Trump has just drawn millions of sympathizers who have fled their blue states for many of the same reasons. Despite his billions, he's one of us.



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