The plot to impeach Trump already is falling apart

"Why are Leftists so unreachable by reason? You can point out holes in their arguments but they are unmoved.  And some of their claims are entirely out of touch with reality."  Australian John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D) of Dissecting Leftism asks and then answers the question. He suggests that "sometimes people need false beliefs to make them happy with themselves and with life.  Not everyone can face reality head-on."   Later on in his introduction to another piece he posted, he cites Freud in calling what leftists do "displacement," meaning that, in their minds, their anger is always caused by something outside of themselves, like injustice for example.  Leftists do not want to solve problems though, they want to "luxuriate" in them; they need problems to explain their anger.   And finally, he notes that such false beliefs tend to be deeply...(Read Full Post)
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