The Palestinians and the Trump #Resistance

Revealed in Amil Imani's excellent review of Robert Spencer's new book The Palestinian Delusion may be the key to understanding another political conflict that has been vexing conservative pundits for explanation since the presidential election of 2016 — one that may become for the United States, its own domestic Palestinian Issue: "The #Resistance." Much of what is commonly called "Trump Derangement Syndrome" appears to originate in a progressive delusion that Trump somehow, by duly winning the presidential election, as Spencer suggests, "illegally occupies" the White House — "stolen land" rightly belonging to the Progressives by "indigenous" claim and to Hillary as presumptive heir. The parallels between the Progressive and Palestinian conflicts appear remarkable when considered side by side using Spencer's observations as recounted by Imani. Like the Palestinian Arabs'...(Read Full Post)
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