E. Jean Carroll's second act

We sometimes forget how large a role sheer ego plays in leftist posturing, but somebody always appears to remind us.

The latest is E. Jean Carroll, who had her first brush with fame after going public with a completely convincing and utterly realistic story that Donald Trump had raped her during the middle of the day in a crowded department store.  Her glow began to fade after she gave a less than coherent interview with Anderson Cooper, saying, among other things, that rape is "sexy," giving rise to rape "fantasies," an assertion that upset poor Anderson terribly.

Carroll is now suing the president, claiming that he "defamed" her by denying the rape.  (I didn't know you could that.)  She is in high dudgeon over the fact that the Secret Service prevented the suit from being served to Trump.

At Glamour magazine's Women of the Year Summit (I like that "summit" — it's as if they're discussing nuclear disarmament), Carroll was quoted as saying, "I've spent the last week trying to serve the lawsuit to the president.  The Secret Service is not permitting the server to bring the lawsuit to him."

Her lawyer, it seems, has high credentials: "She overturned DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, which brought gay rights to all Americans.  She's the cofounder of Time's Up.  Don't tell Robbie Kaplan she can't serve papers to the president of the United States."

Now, nobody needs to tell Jeanne Carroll, or her lawyer, who Donald Trump is, what being the President of the United States entails, or what the duties of the Secret Service are. Nor does this actually involve the lawsuit, which would not be adjudicated any time soon and would be unlikely to be decided in her favor since she stated publicly (again to Anderson Cooper) that it wasn't actually a rape.

No – the point is that by making the accusation, and repeatedly upping the ante, she assures that the spotlights will swing in her direction. She's not in the papers, on the tube, or addressing award ceremonies because of her Elle column, or because of a few books not many have heard of. She's up there in the lights because she's the lady who accused the President of the United States of rape. And that's all.

In the end, Jean Carroll is simply another example, like Stormy, Michael Avenatti, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and an endless train including but not ending with Eric Ciaramella, of how low the American Left has fallen.  Eventually, she'll find her true level as another name footnoting a grotesque epoch in American history.

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