The only impeachment explanation that makes any sense

I cracked the code for the coup.  It's been impossible to escape the non-impeachment hearing hearings.  Even for me, a self-employed single in Manhattan immersed in survival, these Democrats with their trial have reached me on a level where I could not break free.  Outrage from false accusations and all the logical arguments have been my mantra.

My tune has now changed.  It took time, but the Dems' brilliance has penetrated my cognitive border of reason.  Schiff, Pelosi, the lady who was fired with the bad haircut and glasses, Sanders, Warren, Biden, Hillary,!

It's just about impossible to get a movie funded, let alone secure distribution — and the Dems have succeeded.  They were determined to get their movie made and use this non-hearing hearing as a ruse for cinematic funding.

I can't keep this to myself.  In addition to endless marijuana, the Democrat cat is out of the bag. Working title: Blonde Hair, Red Roots.  Logline: "A President hides his Russian loyalty until one brave congressman (who appears to have a diet lacking in fiber) uncovers presidential naked pictures, bribery, and golden showers."  Please silently hum Leonard Cohen's Democracy as you picture the credits rolling.  Schiff: story by, screenwriter; Cory Booker: drama coach (on set); Pelosi: first assistant director; Oliver Stone: filmmaker, director; George Soros: producer; Mitt Romney: executive producer; Bernie Sanders: in charge of extras (decides to cast homeless people as extras and day-players).

They did it!  Blonde Hair, Red Roots will dominate the box office, stimulate the economy and bring unity to our beloved county.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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