The ‘impeachment inquiry’ hearings so far

The first week of hearings have revealed quite a lot about the current proceedings. What is beginning to emerge is a clearer look at the actual case, the forces behind the inquiry, and an infuriating abuse of process propelling the whole inquiry. Here are several revealing takeaways. The importance of Due Process: The universally accepted standards of due process in a trial provides for rights of the accused including the right to counsel, the right to call witnesses, the right to face your accuser and the right to cross-examine prosecution witnesses. The Judicial system in the United States is an adversarial procedure where two sides present their cases and question each other’s claims. In the end, the jury looks at the evidence and the arguments and renders a judgment. The rights of the accused protect more than simply the accused from an unfair conviction. They also protect the rights of the public to have a process that is capable of finding the truth from competing...(Read Full Post)
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