The Democrats get to throw the first punch

Narratives are the lenses through which observers assess information.  In an honest trial, the prosecution and the defense outline their case, witnesses are questioned and cross-examined, the two sides sum up their version of the evidence, and a jury is left to make an assessment of the case and deliver a verdict.  In the current impeachment inquiry, it is the public that is the jury that will render its verdict through pressure on the members of Congress and ultimately in the 2020 elections. The mainstream media are the main source of information about the case, and they play a dominant role in establishing the narrative.  This is a serious obstacle to a search for truth, as they are heavily stacked against the president.  They have allowed Schiff and the Democrats to establish several dubious benchmarks: 1. The whistleblower.  Nearly every article refers to the anonymous accuser as a whistleblower.  This label...(Read Full Post)
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