The assault on Thanksgiving

The assault on the Thanksgiving holiday is only part of a wider war on traditional American values. It is time to celebrate Thanksgiving.  That means it’s time for another assault on a traditional American holiday. All countries have their national holidays and national heroes.  All of these holidays have inaccuracies: some large and some small.  National heroes, being human, have their imperfections.  However, national holidays and heroes are factors that unite and inspire a people.  According to William Newell, a Penobscot Indian and former chair of the anthropology department of the University of Connecticut, Thanksgiving was not a festive gathering of Indians and Pilgrims giving thanks to God, but a celebration of the massacre of 700 Pequot men, women and children.  According to Newell, Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts proclaimed following the massacre, "This day forth shall be a day of celebration and thanksgiving for...(Read Full Post)
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