Starbucks open-bathroom policy driving customers away –study

Woke as ever, Starbucks touted its rising profit from same-store sales as an indicator that its policies and plans, presumably its open-bathroom policy, was working. That was the policy put into place to allow all comers, whether the homeless, the drug-addicted, or the general bums to use the store bathrooms without buying a thing.  It happened in response to a racial incident with some non-paying customers who wanted to use the facilities, including the table space and the bathrooms, or else "racism."  Starbucks was all apologies and bent over backwards to accommodate everyone involved. Not so fast. A Texas study finds that actually, there might be a problem, according to this report from Yahoo! Finance: Starbucks' (SBUX) changes to its bathroom policy appear to be impacting foot traffic for the coffee giant, despite sales that have outpaced expectations, according to recent data. Since opening its bathroom doors to the...(Read Full Post)
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